Your Runway to Composable
Data System.

The data systems landscape is under pressure

Vendor lock-in and rising infrastructure costs put pressure on the business. Given the speed at which business changes, centralizing data in a single analytics platform is no longer an effective strategy. To keep productivity up and cost down, you need a modular and composable data system built for flexibility.

AI systems are about to hit The Wall

AI growth is compounding problems for data systems.
These systems are about to hit, what we call, “The Wall”.

Data is preprocessed to feed AI systems. That preprocessing happens on Spark and similar CPU-based systems. However, AI and ML training systems all run on GPUs. These workloads are becoming the largest consumers of data.

We’ve reached an inflection point where CPU-based engines like Spark have reached peak performance and can no longer keep up with GPU-powered AI platforms.

You won’t be able to keep up with AI demand until data processing fundamentally changes. Voltron Data helps its customer get over The Wall.

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Our Customers

G Research
Snowflake adopted Arrow for faster database access clients,
keeping the data in standard columnar data structures all the way, and now added ADBC support for cross-language API support working closely with the Voltron Data Team. Voltron Data helps enterprises design and build composable data systems with open standards like ADBC, Arrow, Ibis, Substrait, and more.


Our Products

Our product enables enterprises with big data challenges to build bespoke data systems. Work with us to modify and modernize existing, vertically-integrated solutions or launch new products using our modular component base.

Enterprise Support

A focused set of services designed for organizations developing production applications built with Open Standards.

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Theseus Engine

The composable data processing engine built from the ground up to run on multi-silicon.

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