Theseus is a novel distributed execution architecture that takes advantage of full-system GPU-hardware acceleration to enable petabyte-scale analytics on data wherever it is.

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Save Time. Save Energy. Save Space. Save Money.


Performance Increase.

Jobs done in 3 minutesrather than 3 hours.


Decrease in Server Count.

Go from 200 servers down to 2.


Cost Savings.

Spend $3 rather than$180 to run the same job.

How did we achieve these results?
Explore the Theseus Benchmarking Report.

Scale to 100 TB+ queries and beyond

Theseus uses hardware acceleration to brute force its way quickly through massive datasets.

Put your GPUs to work.

Minimize GPU downtime by running both analytics and AI workloads on a unified accelerated architecture.

Solve time-sensitive problems too big for Spark and Presto.

CPU-based engines have reached peak performance. Leverage Theseus to keep up with AI demand and fundamentally change how data systems are accelerated.

Work on full-sized problems.

No downsampling. Theseus delivers efficient spilling strategies outside of GPU memory so you can leverage less servers to process hundreds of terabytes of data.

100 TBs with no sorting, indexing, caching or warm-up runs.

See How

Our Engine. Your Product.

Build new or enhance data analytics products on top of Theseus to go to market faster.

Modular & secure installation

Tune and configure Theseus to meet your needs – not the other way around. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud where Kubernetes is supported. Your Data. Your Kubernetes. Your Authentication.

Embeddable in your product

Save your customers time and money by adding Theseus to your product offering. Retain control over your brand and vision while Theseus does the heavy lifting.

Raw data-ready

Indexing not required. Suitable for tabular machine or log data. No sorting, indexing, caching, or warm-up runs (cold queries).

Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning

Accelerate preprocessing tasks to free up resources and kickstart training. Scale beyond big data bottlenecks by transforming, sampling, and labeling ML workloads with the massive parallelism of multiple distributed GPUs.

Become an accelerator-native design partner today.

Interoperability through Open Standards

Composes seamlessly with established and emergent open source standards and tools. Built by the leading company behind Apache Arrow, ADBC, Ibis, and Substrait.

Use your tools and language of choice

Write code in Python or SQL. Read from popular formats (Avro, CSV, Parquet…),  and table systems (Hive, Iceberg…). 

Don’t move your data

Built with open standards like Arrow and Arrow Database Connectivity, Theseus allows you to operate on your data wherever it is.

Theseus’ open standards, like Ibis, allow developers to write code once and deploy it across an array of execution engines without changing a single line of code.

Built for Composability

Voltron Data is solely focused on delivering a scalable data engine that unifies hardware, languages, and frameworks to solve the eventual scale problem that organizations definitively will hit with existing data platforms.

Mike Leone

Principal Analyst, TechTarget

What’s needed is a key to unlock this data at scale through an analytics acceleration engine that brings the benefits of hardware acceleration to data processing. That’s where vendors like Voltron Data come into play.

Brad Shimmin

Chief Analyst, AI Platforms, Analytics, and Data Management at Omdia

As the average enterprise now accesses over a thousand data sources, businesses must invest their data processing capabilities to support the next order of magnitude for analytics and AI demands. Voltron Data has taken an important step forward with this maiden voyage of Theseus to solve all of these data issues for the Era of AI.

Hyoun Park

CEO and Principal Analyst at Amalgam Insights


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