The Leading Designers and Builders of Enterprise Data Systems.

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When Voltron Data launched in 2021, we set out to build a global team of engineers and scientists driven to shake up the way data systems were designed and built.

Today, we stand as a collective of 130 people with ambition that outsizes any challenge that comes our way. Our diversity of background and perspective brings versatility to our approach, services, and solutions.

Technology Enthusiasts and Inventors

Over the last decade, our team members worked inside Apple, NVIDIA, AWS, and more building enterprise data systems.

Creators of Transformational Open Source Projects

Our founding team built pandas, Arrow, RAPIDS, Ibis, and many more projects that data practitioners and engineers use to transform data and drive business value.

Drivers of Breakthrough Hardware Advancements

We pioneered the use of GPUs for data engines at enterprise scale by introducing RAPIDS and BlazingSQL to market.

We believe that today’s market doesn’t need to be your business reality

Users should take pride and ownership in what they build

Own your data systems, don’t let them own you. When you work with us, you play a role in designing your tech stack infrastructure.

Tech stacks are always evolving and that’s exciting

Data systems need to be modular and composable to build resilience and flexibility to change with evolving technologies and business requirements.

Advancements in hardware should not be ignored

GPUs, accelerators, and modern semiconductors provide performance advantages that are undeniable.

Backed by leading investors

Walden Catalyst BlackRock GV Anthos Coatue Lightspeed In-q-tel IFactory

Join us in our mission

We take recruitment seriously. Voltron Data is a globally distributed company and we cut no corners when it comes to bringing the strongest talent on board.

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