Performance Benchmarking on GPUs with Theseus

Voltron Data Breaks Through 100TB ETL Performance Ceiling

This report showcases benchmark results (derived from unofficial TPC-H Data Analytics Benchmarks) comparing 3rd party validated Spark with Voltron Data’s Theseus.

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There is a better way to benchmark.

You need to approach decision-making with SPACE: Scale, Performance, and Cost Efficiency.

Time to ditch the industry standard of glossy, cherry-picked performance benchmarks.

Benchmarks need to take up SPACE: Scale, Performance, and Cost Efficiency – all evaluated together. Get the full picture and learn how big data systems perform as you scale out infrastructure and normalize on cost.

Take Back Time. Take Back Money.
Take the SPACE to make decisions.

What is Theseus?

Theseus is Voltron Data’s GPU query engine for petabyte-scale ETL, SQL, and dataframe workloads. It is optimized for 100TB+ queries running on clusters of distributed GPU systems. 

It is the only data processing engine on the market that solves problems of this magnitude cost-effectively.

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Theseus Performance Benchmarking Report

See how Spark and Theseus compare. Dive into the results.

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Our Benchmarking Methodology

Read more on our methodology and approach to benchmarking.

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