Just Released: Theseus, the accelerator-native data processing engine.

Voltron Data Acquires Claypot AI, the real time machine learning platform

Bringing modular and composable standards to streaming analytics.

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HPE and Voltron Data Announce Partnership

HPE embeds Theseus as its accelerated data processing engine inside HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software.

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Voltron Data Launches Flagship Product, Theseus

State-of-the-art distributed execution engine built to solve today’s data processing challenges at scale.

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“This series of content is some of the best articulated breakdowns of how data applications have to be built moving forward.”

“A clear, engaging history lesson + inspiring roadmap for thinking about & creating composable data systems.”

“Definitely not written by Chat GPT.”

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Voltron Data Acquires Claypot AI

HPE and Voltron Data

Announce Partnership
Voltron Data Launches Flagship Product, Theseus The Full Composable Codex isNow Available

Build Composable. Design Differently.

There’s a better way to design and build data systems. You just have to be willing to build bridges, not walls. We provide a new way for companies to design and build modular and composable enterprise data systems that are flexible, productive, and cost-optimized.

A New Way

Redefine Flexibility

Augment Rather
Than Replatform

Data systems need to be modular and composable because tech stacks are always evolving. Don't rip and replace, rather augment with open industry standards.

Maximize Productivity

Work in Your Language
of Choice

Developers, analysts, and data scientists should be able to work in their programming language of choice and seamlessly operate on the same data inside whatever engine they choose. We make that possible.

Optimize Cost

Hardware Accelerated
Analytics is Here

Accelerated computing is now accessible for analytics. Customize and compose your tech stack with hardware standards to increase performance and scale data at a reduced cost.

Standards are core to modern data systems

These are the standards we build and back as critical components to data systems.
Apache Arrow Arrow ADBC Arrow Flight Substrait Ibis Rapids Velox

Don't just take it from us

What We Do

Understand our approach to designing and building data systems.

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Who We Are

Get to know our people and company.

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There is no such thing as "Future Proof"

In a world that changes rapidly, the only way forward is a composable, modular approach to data system design.