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We take your biggest SQL jobs – 100TB+ – and accelerate them. We’re talking about shrinking engines like Spark from 200 nodes to 2 nodes. That’s 100x fewer servers. That’s Theseus. The only accelerator-native engine available today.

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What does accelerator-native mean?

Accelerator-native means to build from the ground up to take advantage of the whole data system’s performance: from accelerated compute, memory bandwidth, networking, and storage.

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Voltron Data Advances Theseus, Making It the First Petabyte Scale Query Engine for Large Scale Data Processing

March 18, 2024

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Voltron Data redefining the data analytics SPACE - scale, performance and cost efficiency, with Theseus, the petabyte-scale query engine. Achieving groundbreaking performance, Theseus processes hundreds of terabytes in seconds, redefining speed and efficiency in data-driven decision-making. Learn how Theseus leverages GPU power for real-time analytics and AI/ML workloads, significantly reducing time to insights and energy consumption. Experience the future of data analytics with Theseus at NVIDIA GTC.

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Voltron Data Acquires Claypot AI, the real time machine learning platform

January 24, 2024

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Bringing modular and composable standards to streaming analytics.

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Voltron Data brings new power to AI with Theseus distributed query engine

January 24, 2024


This will unlock the power of the largest datasets for AI.

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Theseus is ready for your system.
Your system is ready for Theseus.This is the power of composability.

We don’t want to store your data. We don’t want you to rewrite your code. We don’t want to control your infrastructure. You have what you need to get started with Theseus.

Theseus allows developers to write code once and deploy it across an array of execution engines without changing a single line of code.

Composability means your infrastructure, whether it's cloud-based, on-prem, or distributed across NVIDIA GPUs, doesn't dictate your ability to innovate. It's about keeping your systems—and your momentum—intact.

Discover the power of Composable Data Systems in our book "The Composable Codex." Spanning 5 insightful chapters, this free resource is your gateway to the knowledge and open-source innovations shaping the future of data systems.

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We help companies integrate open source standards

We are thrilled to be working with Voltron Data. G-Research has long recognized the potential of Apache Arrow and helped to fund its early development by sponsoring Ursa Labs. With Arrow underpinning some of our most crucial production systems at G-Research, we know we can count on the team at Voltron Data to provide world-class support.

Alex Scammon

Head of Open Source Development, G-Research


Pedro Pedreira

Software Engineer, Meta

Snowflake adopted Arrow for faster database access clients, keeping the data in standard columnar data structures all the way, and now added ADBC support for cross-language API support working closely with the Voltron Data Team. Voltron Data helps enterprises design and build composable data systems with open standards like ADBC, Arrow, Ibis, Substrait, and more.

Anurag Gupta

Product Manager, Snowflake


The projects we maintain and support in the Open Source

We invest in open source technologies that align to crucial challenges developers, engineers, and enterprises face today. These projects and open standards support composability and give enterprises flexibility, productivity, and cost savings.

Apache Arrow Arrow ADBC Arrow Flight
Rapids Velox Substrait Ibis

Get started with these projects today. We offer specialized support services for adopting and optimizing your data system with open standards.

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