Theseus Engine

The accelerator-native
data processing engine
built for composability.

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Built to accelerate the full data system

Solve time-sensitive problems too big for Spark

  • A distributed GPU engine 
  • 45X faster, 20X cheaper than Spark
  • Scale beyond Spark and Presto
  • Supports efficient spilling outside of GPU memory

System-level acceleration

  • Accelerator native - from compute, to memory, networking, and storage
  • Harness underutilized, generally available GPUs to improve economics
  • Reduce your data center footprint by 6X

The composable engine that evolves

  • Don’t move your data, operate where it is. 
  • Swap engines
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Process both analytics and AI workflows on GPUs
  • Use multiple programming languages like Python, R, Java, Rust, and C++

An embeddable engine

Partners can build new or enhance data analytics products on top of Theseus so they can go to market faster.

No frills.

Your Data. Your Kubernetes. Your Interface. Your Authentication.

Our Engine. Your Product.

HPE is the first Voltron Data Theseus channel partner which is now part of the HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software product.

Built for enterprise scale

Machine learning integrated

Accelerate preprocessing tasks to free up resources and kickstart training. Scale beyond big data bottlenecks by transforming, sampling, and labeling ML workloads with the massive parallelism of multiple distributed GPUs.

Raw data-ready

Indexing not required. Suitable for machine or log data; perform analysis on terabyte and larger sized datasets in seconds or minutes–not hours or days. 

Modular & secure installation

Harness the power of Theseus on premises, behind an air gap, or in the cloud. Pick and choose configuration options to fit Theseus within your niche stack–not the other way around. And keep DevOps happy with the advantages of Kubernetes deployment.

Universal engine

Accelerator native - from compute, to memory, networking, and storage. Compute with CPUs (x86 and ARM) or GPUs.

Write code in SQL, Python, or R. Read from popular formats (Avro, CSV, Parquet…),  and table systems (Hive, Iceberg…).

Embeddable in your product

Save your customers time and money by adding Theseus to your product offering. Retain control over your brand and vision while Theseus does the heavy lifting.

Interoperable with open source

Composes seamlessly with established and emergent open source standards and tools. Built by the leading company behind Apache Arrow, ADBC, Ibis, and Substrait.

Built to reshape data processing


Spark has reached its limits as an analytic processing system for the generation of Big Data. As the average enterprise now accesses over a thousand data sources, businesses must invest their data processing capabilities to support the next order of magnitude for analytics and AI demands.”

- Hyoun Park

CEO and Principal Analyst at Amalgam Insights


Voltron Data is solely focused on delivering a scalable data engine that unifies hardware, languages, and frameworks to solve the eventual scale problem that organizations definitively will hit with existing data platforms.”

- Mike Leone

Principal Analyst, TechTarget


Unfortunately, a constant influx of new technologies, data types, and data sources together conspire to hold data processing back, turning what should be a crucial, timely asset into a costly performance bottleneck.”

- Brad Shimmin

Chief Analyst, AI Platforms, Analytics, and Data Management at Omdia

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