Mar 16, 2023

b.telligent Makes Intelligent Use of Ibis

Keith Britt

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b.telligent, a German data and analytics consulting firm, strives to help its customers deliver projects faster. One of the key recommendations they suggest is to adopt Ibis if a customer is using Python in their development pipeline. To quote their blog,

“The Python Ibis library provides a fascinating solution for balancing data processing between the production and development environments, thus enabling analytics teams to achieve production faster.”

They’ve written an easy-to-follow example using Ibis where they need to move from a development environment of Google Vertex AI to a production environment of Google BigQuery. We look forward to seeing Part II of the use case in the future.

Our very own Kae Suarez takes a deep dive into the portability of Ibis on our blog. While b.telligent’s use case assumes you have your technology stack settled, Kae takes a different approach where you explore different data warehouse technologies and can take advantage of Ibis to make this incredibly easy (and cost-effective).

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Photo by Viktoria