Apr 18, 2023

Register for our upcoming webinar: Flexible Python Analytics at Scale, a Tutorial to Get Started with Ibis

Marlene Mhangami, François Michonneau

Webinar announcement graphics with the title: Flexible Python Analytics at Scale: A Tutorial to Get Started with Ibis, the Ibis project logo (a black and white ibis), and the text presented by Voltron Data.

Join Voltron Data for our upcoming webinar to learn how to use Ibis, an open-source Python interface, for scalable data analytics. Ibis provides expressiveness and flexibility for wrangling and analyzing datasets of all scales by converting Python code into optimized, modern SQL for 15+ backends including DuckDB, Polars, BigQuery, Snowflake, Spark, and more.

During the tutorial, attendees will be introduced to Ibis and its capabilities for wrangling and analyzing datasets of all sizes. The live demo will use the ACS PUMS dataset to demonstrate how Ibis’s expressiveness makes it easy to quickly extract insights from complex datasets. One of Ibis’s strengths is that the same code can be used across the supported backends. Attendees will also learn how to work with the Snowflake backend.

This tutorial is ideal for Data Scientists and Data Engineers who want to write queries in Python that are easier to read, write, and compatible with multiple backends. The presentation and demos will last 45 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session where attendees can ask any questions they have about Ibis.


The “Flexible Python Analytics as Scale: A Tutorial to Get Started with Ibis” webinar is free and will take place on April 27th, 2023 at 12pm EDT.



  • What is Ibis?
    • A brief introduction to Ibis
  • What is PUMS?
    • A brief introduction to the dataset and what the webinar will achieve
  • Why is Ibis well suited to analyze PUMS data?
    • Discussion on which tools to use for analyzing PUMS
  • [Live Demo] How to do Data Wrangling With Ibis
    • Introduction to data analysis with Ibis using the default DuckDB backend
  • [Live Demo] How to Switch Backends Using Snowflake
    • Introduction on how to access a remote Snowflake backend using Ibis
  • Q&A
    • Speakers and Voltronaut Ibis developers will be available to answer questions about using Ibis

Getting Ready

If you would like to get ready for this webinar, you can read these blog posts:

And browse the Ibis project website.