Feb 13, 2024

Ibis 8.0 Lets Data Teams Write Code Once and Use Across Local, Batch and Streaming Query Engines For the First Time

Voltron Data Announcement

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Voltron Data, the company accelerating modular and composable data analytics systems, today announced the release of Ibis 8.0. Ibis, downloaded more than 10 million times, is a Python dataframe API that allows developers to easily run code across a myriad of data platforms – allowing the right query engine for the job to be done. The new release has its first dedicated streaming backends for Apache Flink and RisingWave, offering a variety of batch and now streaming execution engines unified with a single Python dataframe API.

Josh Patterson, co-founder and CEO of Voltron Data, said:

“Finally developers can write code once and use it across local, batch, CPU, GPU and now real-time query engines. Ibis is leading the charge to break down the barriers between batch and stream processing execution engines. This is a big step toward a modular and composable data ecosystem across all paradigms.”

Ibis is an independently governed open source project backed by Voltron Data and contributors across data platforms including Google, Starburst Data and RisingWave. With today’s release, users can run Ibis on 20 different query engines — ranging from DuckDB for smaller queries to BigQuery, Spark, Theseus and others for big distributed preprocessing/ETL jobs. With no code change, they can also run on two streaming engines – Apache Flink and RisingWave.

By acquiring Claypot AI, Voltron Data can enable real-time analytics, feature engineering and MLOps capabilities powered by Theseus as well as open source products Apache Arrow, Ibis and Substrait.

Zhenzhong “Z” Xu, Vice president of engineering at Voltron Data, said:

“As the Ibis API improves and adds new functionality like ML preprocessing, every backend it supports improves with it. Users can learn a single familiar dataframe API without being locked into any backend. The open source community can add Ibis ecosystem integrations to make working with data in Python better on any data platform Ibis supports.”

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