Jun 23, 2022

Voltron Data Expands Enterprise Support Offering Beyond Apache Arrow to Accelerate Data Access and Processing Across Business-Critical Applications

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Originally published via Globe Newswire on June 23, 2022 from The Data Thread Conference.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today at The Data Thread, Voltron Data, the company accelerating standards in data analytics and the largest corporate contributor to Apache Arrow, announced that it is expanding its Enterprise Support offering to include Ibis due to high customer demand.

“With Ibis support, we are helping enterprises reduce the risk of vendor lock-in. No longer will customers have to rewrite their Python analytics code when they upgrade their databases or big data platforms. Write once, and let the systems underneath naturally evolve,” said Rodrigo Aramburu, co-founder and CPO of Voltron Data.

In March of this year, Voltron Data released its Enterprise Support offering for Apache Arrow. Arrow is a multi-language toolbox for accelerated data interchange and in-memory computing. It has become the de facto standard for seamless interoperability between computing engines, modern computing hardware and programming languages. Arrow has been adopted globally by companies to accelerate data access and analytical processing and is installed more than 54 million times each month.

With today’s announcement, Voltron Data is expanding this offering to include Ibis which was created by Voltron Data co-founder and CTO Wes McKinney, who also co-created Apache Arrow and the Python pandas project. Ibis is an open source Python framework for accessing data and performing analytical computations using multiple backends, including SQL databases like Postgres and MySQL and big data systems like Google’s BigQuery. Ibis now has more than 500,000 monthly downloads and is used by companies like Google, Heavy.AI and Microsoft.

The Voltron Data Enterprise Support is tailored to companies eager to future-proof their investment in building and running applications that depend on the Apache Arrow ecosystem. Benefits include:

  • On-demand assistance from the team of leading Arrow and Ibis developers at Voltron Data
  • Simplified issue reporting and faster fixes to drive greater business value
  • Delivery of custom upgrade guidance along with urgent security bulletins for Arrow
  • Rapid hotfixes when critical vulnerabilities are identified
  • Direct access to leaders within the Arrow and Ibis projects and services only available to Voltron Data customers

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The Data Thread is a free virtual conference showcasing the latest innovation around Apache Arrow and data analytics. Attendees will learn about the latest developments across the data ecosystem and hear from practitioners who have built industry-leading products using Apache Arrow. For more information, go to https://thedatathread.com

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